Ceiling Cleaning: An Alternative to Ceiling Tile Replacement

September 6th 2019

Cleaning ceiling tiles in your commercial office or restaurant is a much more economical and less disruptive alternative to replacing ceiling tiles. Check out the difference with Magic Mist in Surrey and throughout the Lower Mainland!

How Magic Mist Tackles Nicotine Stains On Your Ceiling

September 13th 2018

Let Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning in Surrey and the Lower Mainland clean your ceiling's nicotine stains and learn how often you should clean your ceiling!

What Happens to the Dirt Removed by the Magic Mist ceiling cleaning process?

June 12th 2018

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning answers what happens to the smoke, grease, and other dirt that their process cleans so well! Find them in the BC Lower Mainland.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Home's Ceiling

March 26th 2018

In Surrey and the BC Lower Mainland, the easiest way to get your ceiling cleaned is by calling Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaners

The Safest Way to Clean Your Ceiling

February 1st 2018

Read about Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning's safe process for removing dust, dirt, nicotine, and cooking grease in residential and commercial locations throughout Surrey and the BC Lower Mainland.


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