How Magic Mist Tackles Nicotine Stains On Your Ceiling

September 13th 2018

At Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning in the Lower Mainland, one of our frequently asked questions has to do with how often to clean nicotine-stained ceilings. Although it depends on how much smoking is going on, our baseline for homes that are accumulating nicotine on the ceilings is to clean every 4 - 5 years. We use the same guideline for grease-stained ceilings. Sometimes cleaning is needed more often, and sometimes less often. So, we use the above as a guideline, yet we are happy to advise each homeowner on a case-by-case basis.

For example, we would clean once a year in a home that hosted a group of ladies each week for poker and cigars. By the one-year mark, there was always a big nicotine spot above their poker table, so it didn't make sense to leave it until 4 years had gone by! The size of a room will be a contributing factor also. In one small kitchen where greasy food was cooked often, we had to return to clean more often than 4 - 5 years as well.

At best, nicotine stains on the walls and ceilings of a home are smelly and unsightly. At worst, the accumulated chemical residues of tobacco smoke and nicotine may contribute to air quality and health problems, especially in infants, young children, and people with respiratory ailments.

Steps You Can Take to Remove Nicotine Residue

Some steps you can take to remove the nicotine residue in a room are to regularly clean hard surfaces and launder fabrics and upholstery. You can also regularly air out rooms, open windows, use fans or air conditioners, and/or confine smoking to only certain areas of your home. If you are trying to sell your home, it is in your best interests to tackle nicotine stains before viewings begin. Some buyers will not even enter a house that has high levels of tobacco and nicotine residues on surfaces.

How Magic Mist Can Help with Nicotine Stains on Your Ceiling

Magic Mist has had great success stories in cleaning up nicotine-stained ceilings. Check out our video to get an idea of how Magic Mist tackles nicotine, dirt and grease on your ceilings. Included in the video is a brief testimonial from a client whose Mom was a heavy smoker for 17 years, and how he thought his ceilings would be impossible to clean. To his surprise, after Magic Mist came along, his ceilings were "snowy white" by the next day!

We would be happy to offer you a free estimate at your home or place of business anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Doing it yourself is an option, but one that requires a lot of equipment and cleaning solutions with unknown effectiveness, time spent climbing up and down ladders, and so on.

Our unique ceiling cleaning process brightens, sanitizes and deodorizes most surfaces for about 50% of the cost of painting and between 20 - 30% of the cost of replacing tiles – and it is 100% safe! Whether your ceiling is covered in dirt, nicotine, cooking grease, or other contaminants – give us a call!


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