What happens to the dirt?

The dirt and pollution on ceilings and walls are layers of film bonded to the surface by amino and fatty acids. Our product eliminates the amino and fatty acids and the cleaning agents emulsify the pollutants into microscopic particles that evaporate from the surface. Ventilation is provided to introduce clean air. No other actions are required. Vacuuming or brushing is not needed. The results are truly magic. Visit our blog to read more about what happens to the dirt!

On non-porous surfaces the solution emulsifies the dirt into fine beads that are wiped off.

How often should I clean?

Depending on your environment, it is a good idea to clean commercial ceilings anywhere every 6 to 36 months. Residential ceilings are cleaned on an average of 5-7 years. Nicotine and cooking grease should be removed when it becomes noticeable. Usually 1-5 years.

Fast Answers:

The Magic Mist Process..

  • will not destroy the acoustic value or fire rating, like painting can.
  • can be used over a painted textured ceiling.
  • takes approximately 5 hours to clean a 3000 sq. ft. home or office.
  • works the same on all interior porous ceilings. Walls and non-porous ceilings must be wiped
  • does not prevent a ceiling from being painted in the future and can be used to prepare for paint, if the surface is badly damaged.
  • will sanitize and extend the life of your ceiling.

The Magic Mist Solution

  • Is non-toxic, non-flammable, enzyme based, and safe for pets and animals.
  • removes Odour, Dust, Dirt, Nicotine and Cooking Grease
  • is not harmful to carpets, drapes, furniture or fabrics.
  • is pleasant smelling and kind to allergy sufferers.
  • is not a paint or bleach.


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