The Easiest Way To Clean Your Home's Ceiling

March 26th 2018

How do I clean my home’s ceiling? What can I do to get the nicotine off the interior of my new house? How do I clean my popcorn (bumpy) ceiling?

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning in Surrey, BC has been cleaning ceilings for years. We have heard all of the methods out there for cleaning popcorn ceilings, removing cigarette smoke and nicotine, and keeping up general cleanliness for that large, but rarely cleaned, part of your house. Although those methods work, they are full of problems when you try to do them yourself! We’re going to talk about some of those issues and then explain how our safe ceiling cleaning process can save you hours of cleaning time!


Picture this: Jane has owned her home for 20 years. During all those years, she was a smoker who smoked indoors often. She loved her home and took great care of it, but didn’t notice how the walls and ceiling were changing colour over the years from the nicotine in cigarette smoke. After all those years, Jane sold her home to Jenny and moved away.

Put yourself in Jenny’s shoes as you walk through that house and consider how much cleaning will need to be done to remove the nicotine from the ceilings of that home! Most of the homes we clean are homes like this. If you haven’t already imagined the difficulties yourself, then here are a few of them that you will run into:


Equipment will be the first problem. If you’re going to tackle this project on your own, the list of equipment needed could be daunting. If you have never done this before then there’s a good chance you don’t have everything you need! Cleaning a flat ceiling requires a few pieces of unusual house cleaning equipment – like a special type of sponge, a long handle that can hold that sponge, and a comfortable ladder. If you have ceiling tiles or a popcorn ceiling though, the list gets even longer!


Cleaning the ceiling of an entire house for hours and hours while standing on a step stool or ladder isn’t without its risks! One wrong move and you could fall unexpectedly. Although you wouldn’t fall far, unexpected falls while you’re focused on looking up can be dangerous.


Like mentioned before, this job could take hours or days to complete with a sponge on a long handle. It can be meticulous work for anyone. Working in this way can be difficult because there isn’t a quick way to see if your efforts are being as effective as you would like. You will be spending many hours staring at your ceiling while scrubbing it with more than one expensive sponge.

Time and Effort

We probably don’t even need to make this point by now, but it takes lots of time and effort to clean a ceiling using the methods described in a Google Search about “how to clean a ceiling”. We don’t recommend doing it.

Magic Mist has a solution to the difficulties of ceiling cleaning! We have a process for cleaning your ceiling that is safe, quick, effective, and isn’t a 10 step process that leaves your home smelling like dish soap and vinegar.

The Easy Way

When you call Magic Mist, the first thing we will do is come to your home to give you a free estimate and show you a small sample of how clean your ceiling will be when we’re done. You will be impressed!

On the day we come and clean, we will only be in your home for a few hours. We won’t require you to have any special equipment, move your furniture, or even leave your house. You can stay in your home and see the Magic happen because our cleaning solution is safe for people and pets. It’s hypo-allergenic and won’t cause problems for people with any kind of chemical sensitivities.

Once we have placed our drop cloths over everything, we will begin cleaning. You can read more about our process on the Residential Ceiling Cleaning page. When we’re done, we will let the “Magic Mist” dry overnight. In the morning you will have a bright, clean ceiling that looks like new.

With a difference in time, effort, safety, and effectiveness like that, you’ll never want to clean a ceiling yourself again! See what other customers are saying about the work we have done for them. Learn more about us and check out our video. If you have any questions that you’re not finding answers to here, let us know by contacting us!


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