Ceiling Cleaning: An Alternative to Ceiling Tile Replacement

September 6th 2019

Imagine, you’ve finished an incredible meal or just signed an important merger. You take a deep breath and raise your head to the ceiling, eyes closed in contentment. You open them to see … dirt, yucky, greasy, grimy dirt all over the ceiling. The moment is lost, this customer is hanging by a thread. Is it time to tear those ceilings down despite the hefty price tag? Not if Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaners have anything to do with it. Surrey, BC-based Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaners provides an alternative to ceiling tile replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Ceiling Cleaning

Magic Mist uses a unique process that brightens, sanitizes and deodorizes most surfaces. This service costs only about half the cost of painting a ceiling and costs about 20-30% of the cost of completely replacing the tiles. Whether your ceiling is covered in nicotine, cooking grease, or other dirts – Magic Mist can help!

Ceiling Cleaning vs. Tile Replacement

Dirty and musky ceilings can present a health hazard to you and your customers. However, it is integral to find a solution to the problem that does not disturb your business. Tile replacement will disturb your business, causing downtime that you will have to face when you are planning to replace the tile ceiling. Downtime means that you will be out of business during the installation process and you will incur a lot of loss. An average ceiling replacement project is completed in 1-2 weeks (depending upon the material and the size of the room).

Not only would tile replacement cause inevitable closures to customers, the materials themselves (e.g. 2’x2’ tiles) can cost anywhere from $1,000-$7,000. The most modest set of tiles may cost anywhere from $50-70 while a set of more lavish tiles may cost as much as $500.

In addition to these costs, contractors can charge approximately $4 per square foot for labor.
Some contractors will also charge extra if you have small rooms which require extra effort in installation.

In comparison, when you have Magic Mist come to clean your ceiling tiles, you don’t need to shut down your business or spend thousands on new ceiling tiles. It takes our team a matter of hours to clean a full ceiling! And because the “Mist” we use is food-safe, hypo-allergenic, non-flammable, and generally safe around people and animals, we can clean while you work. We may need you to step out of the way while we temporarily station a ladder next to your workspace for a few minutes, but that’s infinitely more convenient than having to shut down your entire business for a week or two!

An Overview of Magic Mist Tile Cleaning Service

So if you’re a restaurant or office space owner who needs their ceiling tiles cleaned, Magic Mist offers a safe and reliable solution for commercial ceiling cleaning in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia. Whether the nicotine stains are dampening the beauty of your ceilings or you are worried about the grease stains on your commercial kitchen, our enzyme-based products safely remove the nicotine, dirt and grease.

We offer free estimates to show you how effective our solution is! Give us a call at our Surrey office and we’ll schedule a time to visit your workplace.


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