The Safest Way to Clean Your Ceiling

February 1st 2018

One of the greatest benefits of how Magic Mist cleans ceilings is how safe our process is. Whether you need to remove nicotine from the stippled ceilings in your home or get the grease cleaned off of your commercial kitchen's ceilings, our enzyme-based cleaning product safely removes dust, dirt, nicotine, and cooking grease while being safe for use around your food, animals, and family. If you have a dirty ceiling in the Greater Vancouver area, we're here to clean it up!

The Magic Mist cleaning process is different than when you call other businesses into your home or business. For example, when you call an exterminator into your home, after they spray their chemicals you're not allowed inside for a few hours! When you paint your home or business, it can be a big mess that puts everything else on hold until a room is completed! We're different! Our process is:

-Food Safe

What does that mean for you? For homeowners, it means that when you take advantage of our residential cleaning services you can stay in your home while we spray your ceilings. There's no need to get out while we're cleaning. For businesses, our commercial ceiling cleaning is the same. This means you don't have to stop production very long for us to do our job! Although you wouldn't want to be sitting at your desk or cooking a hamburger while we sprayed right above you, you wouldn't have to clear out of the office or kitchen while we do the job. And because our product is non-flammable, you don't have to worry about it becoming a fire hazard at any time.

At Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning, we know our process is safe for everyone. Not only is our process safe for the food, animals, and people around, it's also safe for the ceiling's materials. Check out what others have had to say about the process, or check out our video! If you have a home, business, or specialty ceiling to clean, give us a call and we can come give you a free estimate. We know you'll be happy with the results.


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