What Happens to the Dirt Removed by the Magic Mist ceiling cleaning process?

June 12th 2018

Magic Mist is a ceiling cleaning service that comes to your home anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Our enzyme-based ceiling cleaning products are safe and hypo-allergenic for people and pets, environmentally friendly, and specifically designed to break down pollutants most likely to rise up and settle on ceilings.

The most common culprits making your ceiling look and smell bad include nicotine stains, dust, dirt, and cooking grease which adhere to the surface of a ceiling in layers. Dust mites and pathogenic bacteria hang out on such surfaces, and can be hazardous to your health.

"Popcorn" ceilings, which are quite popular for absorbing sound between rooms, are especially inviting to dirt, stains and grease. The Magic Mist cleaning process is highly effective and safe on such ceilings with textures or tiles.

Enzymes are proteins that bacteria produce to speed up chemical reactions. In answering the question about what happens to the dirt when Magic Mist cleans your ceiling, envision a microscopic battlefield in which multiple chemical reactions are taking place between dirt, grease, stains, water, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria.

The Magic Mist process introduces an enzyme-based cleaning solution that locks onto soil and stain molecules, and breaks these unwanted molecules apart. The enzymes also emulsify fat molecules found in oil and grease. That is, the enzymes trap the oil and grease in the cleaning solution to prevent them from settling back on the surface.

Once the pollutants are broken down into smaller particles, beneficial bacteria rush in to gobble up the particles. The bacteria digest and break down the particles into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O),which evaporate from the surface of the ceiling. No other actions are required.

Water alone would not do much, partly because oil and grease molecules repel water. The misting process ensures ideal conditions for the microscopic cleaners - beneficial bacteria and enzymes they produce - to remove dirt and odours from surfaces.

This microscopic battlefield is truly magical, as it will continue removing grime and odour from surfaces for hours after the initial application. Introducing ventilation speeds up the evaporation process. Non-porous surfaces will need to be wiped off.

If you are wondering if Magic Mist is the right choice for cleaning the ceilings in your home or workplace, please consider the following alternatives:

• DIY ceiling cleaning can be very messy, and too much water makes the ceiling heavy which may cause damage.

• Painting an acoustic ceiling with regular paint is expensive and reduces the ceiling's ability to absorb sound.

• Removing texturing or tiles can be messy and time-consuming at best, and hazardous at worst if asbestos and lead are present.

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