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January 21st 2020

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning is Richmond, BC’s — which is located in one of the world’s most prominent ecosystems — go-to for reliable, safe and effective ceiling cleaning. Whether you’re looking for commercial ceiling cleaning services orresidential, we can clean a variety of ceilings, ranging from flat ceilings, popcorn ceilings, acoustic ceilings and ceiling tile.

When Magic Mist comes to you, we only use enzyme-based cleaning products that are eco-friendly, food safe, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and non-flammable. This falls in line with Richmond’s forward thinking in being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, thanks to The Sustainability Framework adopted by the city a decade ago.

Over time, ceilings can collect dust and a variety of pathogens; as a result, this can decrease the air quality in your business or home. Dust can cause eye irritation, infections in the eyes, nose and ears, allergies and asthma attacks, while the build-up of bacteria can spread across your home or business, leading to a range of illnesses. As such, this can result in employees missing work and a decrease in productivity.

At your business, Magic Mist’s eco-friendly products can tackle everything from nicotine stains, cooking grease and other toxins that are hazardous and repugnant. Our commercial ceiling cleaning services are more cost effective than painting or replacing ceiling tile, and you don’t even have to stop working in order for us to get the job done. We’ll cover your business’s floors and furniture with drop cloths to make sure any mess is kept to a minimum. In addition to being non-hazardous for people and animals, our process is also safe for the ceilings

For homeowners, our residential ceiling cleaning services provides long-lasting results in addition to improving air quality by eliminating dust and bacteria that could be threatening to your household and pets. When we come to your home, we make sure to cover up all furniture and flooring before removing loose dust and cobwebs with a bristle brush. From there, we spray the edge of the ceiling and then wipe and remove any excess spray from the top edge of the walls. Lastly, the rest of the ceiling is sprayed in two different directions to make sure that the area is completely covered before being left to dry, and then that’s it! There is no need to vacuum or brush as our cleaning products efficiently gets the job done on its own.

If you’re in Richmond and you need your ceiling cleaned, call us today to arrange your free estimate. We’ll come to you and assess what you need done, which includes explaining how we do things and potentially spraying a small sample area to better understand what the desired results will be. At the end, we will give you a written quote detailing all the work needed to be done and costs.


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