Does Your Commercial Cleaning Company in Surrey Clean Ceilings?

November 7th 2019

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning can take over where your regular commercial cleaning company falls short. Most commercial cleaning companies typically only provide cleaning services from the floor up to six feet in height, thus excluding your ceiling and often your walls in their entirety. Magic Mist can step in, completing your commercial cleaning needs using our safe and hypoallergenic products to clean your ceilings. As a commercial cleaning specialist, Magic Mist has cleaned some of the grimiest commercial business and kitchen ceilings in the Lower Mainland’s busy cities from Surrey and Chilliwack to North Vancouver, offering a perfect complement to your existing commercial cleaning services.

Why Ceiling Cleaning?

As a less visual aspect of your space, you may feel it unnecessary to invest time and money into ceiling cleaning. However, apart from looking unattractive and rundown, a dirty ceiling also reduces air quality. Consider this:

• Approximately 40 pounds of dust accumulates per year on the ceiling tiles of a 1,500 sq. ft. space, hosting 15 different species of dust mites. Dust mites cause eye irritation, allergies, eye-ear-nose-throat infections, asthma attacks, fatigue and depression.
• Bacteria can spread onto your ceiling from heating/cooling systems, animals, garbage, people and more! These bacteria living on your ceiling, can result in illness, missed work and low productivity.

Magic Mist’s commercial ceiling cleaning process removes the dust and dirt resulting in poor air and health quality in your commercial space and it does so in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning Process

Magic Mist uses an enzyme-based cleaning solution that effectively fights the oil and grease which build up on the walls and ceiling of your commercial business or kitchen. The solution locks onto soil and stain molecules and breaks them apart; it even emulsifies fat molecules in oil and grease trapping the dirt in the cleaning solution so they won’t resettle on the surface. Our product essentially eliminates the amino and fatty acids that bond layers of dirty film to the surface of the ceiling; the cleaning agents emulsify the pollutants into microscopic particles that evaporate from the surface. Even the dirtiest business and restaurant ceiling will gleam once again as a result of our commercial cleaning services.

Safe and Friendly Ceiling Cleaning Products

This shine does not come at the expense of the health of you, your employees or your customers as our cleaning products break down pollutants from dust, dirt and nicotine to cooking grease while being safe for use around food, animals and people. Our process is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-flammable and food safe. This means cleaning your ceilings and walls will not require you to shut down or stop production for very long. On average, it only takes about five hours to clean a 3,000 sq. ft. space.
Not only will Magic Mist’s cleaning process allow you to keep money in your pocket by way of reducing interruption time to your services, it also offers a cost-effective approach to maintaining your businesses appearance. Magic Mist can clean most high commercial ceilings for about 50% of the cost of painting and between 20-30% of the cost of replacing tiles.

Allow our commercial ceiling cleaning specialists to tackle the layers of grime on your ceiling, and leave your ceiling looking like new. Contact us for a free estimate of your commercial space in Surrey, Chilliwack, North Vancouver and other areas of the Lower Mainland.


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