Should You Paint Your Ceiling Tiles?

November 10th 2020

Whether it is your home or your business, Magic Mist will make sure you do not have to break the bank to have a clean and calm space. Based in Surrey, BC, but servicing the entire Lower Mainland, Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning wants to show you exactly how we can improve your space at a much lower cost. We can brighten, sanitize, and deodorize most surfaces. Contact now and we will show you our excellent customer service.


The prevailing wisdom is to paint your ceiling tiles when they do not look as good as they once did. We say do not! You should not paint your ceiling tiles as it is a more invasive, more expensive short-term solution to a long-term problem. Removing dirt and grime and returning your ceiling to like-new condition is infinitely preferable to simply painting over the problem. Air quality, appearance, and even being able to match damaged tiles in the future are all things to consider when dealing with a ceiling that is no longer pristine.


Dirt, germs, grease, and smells, all latch onto the tiles above you and doing anything other than cleaning them only makes the problem look nicer instead of solving the issues. We have a health-conscious and low disruption service that can be done while your business or home is still in use. Our special Mist and delivery system set us apart from those who might want to convince you that painting is the way you should go. Not only does our process clean the tiles but restores their looks to like-new.


When you call us, we will start by giving you a free estimate and coming to you to assess exactly what you need and how we can serve you. We can even spray a small sample area so you can see for yourself what the results will be. Our full process is explained, and a written quote given that outlines all costs. For both residential and business locations our enzyme-based cleaning is safe and removes dust and bacteria buildup. We cover all furnishings, but they can stay in place and any over-spray can be wiped off easily, making covering walls unnecessarily. We start at the edges and move in to clean your entire ceiling. Once sprayed, there is no additional vacuuming or brushing and thus our process is very time-efficient for you.


While we’re at it, we also clean walls too! Often when a ceiling is dirty, the walls are too. Cleaning them may seem like a simple job, but you may be surprised to find how time-consuming and labour intensive it is to clean a home’s walls. Since we’re already going to be there for a free estimate, if you think your walls might need a clean too then please ask us to give you a quote for wall cleaning in addition to ceiling cleaning!


Painting is not only more invasive in your space but is so much more inconvenient for timing, especially for a place of work. Whatever business you might have, staying open is essential, and that is exactly what will happen when you call us. Even nicotine stains or grease from cooking – we can tackle that for you on walls and ceilings. Our Commercial Cleaning has done wonders for so many businesses already. Painting can take weeks – don’t allow such an inconvenience to intrude on your business!


Another huge benefit in both our favour and yours? We are less expensive! So instead of the hassle and added dollars, it takes to paint your ceiling tiles, call us at Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning today and get your free estimate. Allow us the opportunity to earn your business, for all in the Lower Mainland and sometimes even farther, we can show you exactly how valuable our services are. Contact us today!


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