How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan

September 15th 2022

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Ceiling fans can be a wise addition to any room but they can be a magnet for dust, grime and even pollen. Over time, your fan can accumulate a lot of dirt and lose its initial polish. Plus, dirty ceiling fan blades don’t circulate air around the room as efficiently. This is why it is important to clean the blades at least once every few seasons.

You can clean your fan yourself with a few items you may have around the house.

You will need:

• A ladder
• Dry Duster
• Wet Wipes/Washcloth
• Drop Cloth or old bedsheets
• Multi-surface cleaner

Optional: Dust mask and Gloves

Once you have everything, you are ready to clean your ceiling fan, here is how to do it:

Before You Start! Turn off your fan and make sure it has come to a full stop.

Prepare The Area

This part is probably the most important step that many people tend to skip. Make sure there is a drop cloth or sheet covering the area underneath your ceiling fan. Remember to drape something to shield any other nearby furniture to avoid spreading dust or staining your upholstery.

Remove the Initial Debris

Using a feather duster, gently remove any loose debris from the ceiling fan. A commonly used trick is to wipe both sides of the fan blades with an old pillowcase. You can cover each blade one at a time then gently pull back on the case to catch the debris.

Polish the Fan Blades

Mix a small solution of one part multi-surface cleaner and one part water. Moisten a washcloth and wash each blade with care. Wipe down the bottom, sides and top of the blade to remove more stubborn grime stains.

Do not spray any liquid near the fan or the blades and be careful not to apply too much pressure or you could risk bending your ceiling fan.

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Clean the Lighting Fixture

Use a dry cloth to gently swipe over the fan and remove any moisture you may have left behind. Next, wipe the lighting shade and polish the bulb using your dry cloth. Preferably microfiber to avoid leaving streaks.

Scrub the Housing

For dirt and grime inside the shade, gently unscrew the light globe and wash it in a sink with soap and water. Here is a chance to use cotton swabs to remove debris from the nooks and crannies of your fan. This is also a good time to clean the pull string and disinfect any switches or remotes.

Let it dry completely before reinstalling the fixture with the mounting screws.

Bonus Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tip:

Many ceiling fans have a directional switch to reverse the fan's spinning direction. This is a useful and little-known feature. If your fan is always spinning in the direction that pulls air up towards it, it may get the ceiling dusty faster than if it's pushing air downwards.

With a little effort, you can keep your fan looking clean and working as efficiently as possible.

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