How to Clean Greasy Kitchen Ceilings

October 1st 2020

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning is a highly reputable ceiling cleaning company based in Surrey, British Columbia. Magic Mist provides affordable, high-quality and exceedingly experienced ceiling cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients in the Surrey area as well as to clients across the lower mainland including Port Moody, Richmond, and Pitt Meadows.


Magic Mist uses non-toxic enzyme-based cleaning products which make certain that your belongings, carpets, drapes, furniture, and pets are protected during the cleaning process. The professional team at Magic Mist leave your home or business looking revived, smelling fresh and improving air quality in addition to extending the life of your ceilings.

How to Clean greasy kitchen ceilings

It is quite common to let the ceilings fall into disrepair with cooking grease, food stains, air pollutants and environmental particles. These factors are a part of everyday life which inevitably cling to surfaces, resulting in dingy and dull-looking ceilings, especially in the kitchen.

The kitchen ceiling is often overlooked when it comes to the regular cleaning routines of a home as it is not always the most desirable job to concur with. Although ceiling cleaning is not typically a part of daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning regiments of most homes, kitchen ceilings certainly do need to be cleaned occasionally to restore your kitchen space to its former glory.

Another popular reason for ceiling cleaning is in preparation for painting. Whether its grease, nicotine, or dirt, it is very important to have your surface free of contaminates to allow for the paint to adhere to the surface for the ultimate finished result. At Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning, we know just how important a clean work surface is. We also know that having a ceiling cleaned can potentially bring life back to your bright beautiful kitchen ceiling, that you knew and loved, without painting at all!

Brightening, deodorizing and sanitizing the ceiling not only restore your kitchen to its original beauty but will likely save you up to 50% of the cost of having your kitchen re-painted. Cleaning vs painting will undoubtedly save you time and unnecessary expenses while allowing you to get back to the normal function of your household in a much more efficient manner. 

Most of us likely have the usual everyday cleaning products and tools around the home for the usual daily/weekly cleaning tasks, but unlikely for tackling the ceilings, specially textured/porous surfaces.   

The highly skilled cleaning crew at Magic Mist use Non-toxic & professional-grade cleaning agents which eliminate the build-up of the amino and fatty acids and emulsify the pollutants that develop a film on our walls and ceilings. Our ceiling cleaning services also ensure the fire-rating of your home or business is not destroyed by painting.

Although ceiling cleaning may seem to be an easy and approachable task at first, getting into the nitty-gritty of it may be much more than anticipated. Acquiring the right equipment and cleaning agents in addition to the actual ability to do such a task on your own may not be as straight-forward as expected.

That is where Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning can help! With our free in-home quotes, performed by one of our friendly team members, you no longer must dread the thought of tackling your business or residential ceiling cleaning needs on your own.


If you're interested in our residential ceiling cleaning services and would like more information about how we provide you with the best cleaning services available, check out our residential services.

For more information on our commercial ceiling cleaning services, please visit commercial ceiling cleaning and discover our fast, safe and effective ceiling cleaning methods which ensure significant savings for you and your business.


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