5 Tips for Cleaning Restaurant Ceiling Tiles

March 17th 2021

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning provides the Lower Mainland with high-quality and affordable ceiling cleaning solutions. A building’s ceiling represents 25% of the cleanable area. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dust accumulation, and bad air quality due to tobacco smoke caching, cooking grease and oil dirt on the ceiling if not cleaned periodically. We clean them for you using an enzyme-based cleaning system that offers customers a chemical-free cleaning process. For those of you who prefer to clean the ceiling yourself, though, we wanted to share a few tips for cleaning a restaurant ceiling!


Commercial kitchen ceilings are susceptible to thick grease stains and are vital to overall health. Cleaning them is often overlooked in routine cleaning due to the associated difficulty and the resulting mess. However, it is necessary to clean them occasionally to keep the kitchen space clean and healthy. Here are some great tips for cleaning a kitchen ceiling and tiles, whether permanent or removable, in your restaurant:

  • Wrap the counters, floors and restaurant appliances with a cloth or tarp to catch the falling dust and grime.
  • Use a regular vacuum to reach corners and remove any loose dirt from the ceiling, vents, and fixtures.
  • Without over wetting the tiles, use a wet sweeper with a mild mixture of dishwashing detergent to remove grease and oil stains.
  • Next, use a lint-free dry cloth to wipe any extra solution to prevent warping and help the tiles dry quickly.
  • All the while, use safety glasses to protect eyes from falling dirt and debris. Also, avoid using a disposable cloth to prevent leaving behind fibres from the material, quickly attracting dust and dirt after the cleaning.


Though the usual cleaning products and equipment used in homes and businesses help everyday cleaning but are unlikely to tackle a restaurant’s ceiling tiles, they might not be as handy! Cleaning the restaurant ceiling yourself takes considerable time and might impede business operations materially; hence, it is advisable to take professional help. You might also require investment in specific facilities and cleaning agents to make the cleaning effective.


Magic Mist’s process is relatively quick, much less work, and doesn’t hold up your business for long. It is food-safe, hypoallergic, non-flammable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. The enzyme-based solution emulsifies and traps the fat molecules found in oil and grease and prevents them from settling back on the surface. The beneficial bacteria in the solution break down the pollutant particles into carbon dioxide and water, evaporating from the ceiling, leaving no dirt or residue from the cleaning process. This efficient and neat cleaning process allows us to clean your ceiling without hindering your work, moving furniture around all without harming carpets, drapes, or fabrics.


Our cost is considerably less than you’d expect. Contact us for a free estimate! One of our friendly and trained specialists will help you brighten, deodorize, sanitize and clean your ceiling at an agreed-upon time and cost. Check out the Commercial cleaning page! It will enliven your interior space and save you up to 50% of the cost of having your kitchen re-painted.


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