Testimonial: My Mom was a heavy smoker for 17 years and I thought it was impossible to clean and Dallas came in there and did his magic and the next day they were snowy white.

Hi I'm Dallas Stocker from Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning.

There was a time when the only cure for a dingy ceiling was to grab the paint roller, roll up your collar and get to work. We found an easier way to do that. It's not as messy and it works. Our product is non flammable, non toxic, it's an enzyme based product and it's safe for animals. It safely removes dust, dirt, nicotine and cooking grease. When our technician arrives at your home all floor coverings and furniture will be covered. A soft bristled brush will be used to remove any loose dust or cobwebs that may or may not be there and from there we'll start to spray around the edge.

So if it's been awhile since you paid attention to your ceiling call Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning. We can help you out.


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Amazing Results that Last for Years,
No Mess, No Furniture to Move...
We Cover Everything!

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